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I could hardly wait to share one of my favorite shots from a recent photo shoot I did at the studio of the super talented

Megan Proctor of Sea and Stone Jewelry. 

Every piece is hand made and completely GORGEOUS! Be sure to check out her website, she has terrific options for anyone on your gift list!

Earrings from Sea and Stone Jewelry in Mount Pleasant, South CarolinaWhite Sapphire Mother Of Pearl Earrings"These luminous earrings are created by marrying two materials (what we call a doublet in the jewelry biz)! The center stone gets its milky glow from mother of pearl backing on white sapphire! Set in 14k with diamonds ✨" Megan Proctor


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Self Professed Habitual Taker of Food Photos! Ok...I admit I have a problem! Without fail, virtually every time I sit down to eat, my first impulse is to whip out my camera and snap a photo. There! I said it! Out loud and in print...admission is the first step to recovery right? Typically it ends up being taken with my iPhone, unless of course my Nikon is readily available. I can't help myself. I LOVE to take photos of all kinds (I am a photographer by trade) but when it comes to beautiful food or an enticing cocktail I will take a photo with whatever device is available. My husband is so sweet he now automatically waits until I say "Okay, I'm done you can take a bite now." before digging in. For example, the photo below was taken at dinner last night with my iPhone. Look at how beautiful the colors pop...that my friends is some good looking sushi! Although I have admitted my problem to the world, honestly I'm not interested in seeking help anytime in the near future. ;) As a photographer, I am continuously framing my next photo with or without a camera. #Ilovemyjob @SakihouseIII

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